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AI Lyric Video


Lyric Video


Production with AI Generated Images

UndergroundMusic offers a service for producing lyric videos in a portrait format, using images generated by artificial intelligence (AI). This service is designed specifically for artists and bands who want to promote their music through innovative, captivating, and personalized videos.

To create the videos, we use a dataset of images and an image generation algorithm, which are selected and adapted according to the theme and message of the music piece. The images are generated in portrait format (9:16), so that the videos are more attractive and easier to watch on mobile phones on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


  • Personalized and unique music video promotion for music pieces.
  • AI-generated images, adapted to the theme and message of the music piece.
  • Portrait format (9:16) for better viewing on mobile phones.
We are proud to offer this service at an affordable price, and our streamlined process allows for the creation of personalized and captivating videos without the need for a series of adjustments or modifications. We focus on delivering a high-quality end product that perfectly matches the music and message, and helps to promote your song in a creative and innovative way.


  • You send us the lyrics, logo, song name and album name, and the chosen video theme (for example, HR Giger or Dali style, cartoons, etc.)
  • Communication is exclusively via email at
  • Our team analyzes the lyrics and video theme and creates a concept for the video.
  • You receive a complete video that contains personalized images and animations created by AI and our team of creators.
  • You can request minor adjustments (for example, changing or adjusting the duration of an image, etc.) within 3 days of receiving the video.
The cheapest package
Full video with a duration of up to 5 minutes
Generated by AI and our team of creators
Theme chosen by the client